Mark Chapman MSc., MBA

I have often been called an Enigma because I do not fit in to a box. As a member of Mensa with a wealth of knowledge I always find solutions to complex business issues.

I have a very unique, hybrid skill-set because I create profit making strategies, develop the organisation structures to deliver the results, project manage the delivery of the strategic program, create and implement marketing strategies to deliver the profits. Finally I create measurement & monitoring systems to provide a feedback loop to ensure maximum ROI. I have been told I am the “missing link” between business strategy, marketing (including 25 years on the Internet), project delivery and profitable results.

I have worked in 16 countries and held many “C Suite” level roles (except HR & Finance). I have worked or consulted for companies such as AT&T, Cap Gemini, Cambridge University, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Avis, ICI, J Walter Thompson, ICL, Eagle Star, NHS, British Gas, British Steel to name a few. See My Client List

I am the author and presenter of:

  • The 9 Steps to Business Growth
  • The Marketing Peacock
  • The Benefits of Strategic Planning
  • Modern Marketing Techniques
  • Successful Branding Strategies
  • Marketing Results or Pretty Pictures?
  • The Internet: A Strategic Business Tool
  • Intranets: The Panacea to Chaotic Information Flows
  • BISS ’98: A Business Information Security Study (1998)

After watching a turnaround consultant in 1990, I realised at that point I wanted to do the same as Sir John Harvey-Jones “The Troubleshooter”. So I set out to be a management consultant, obtained 2 masters degrees; an MBA in Business Administration & Marketing and another MSc in Information Systems & Project Management. I took career roles to allow me to work in business development, operations, project & program delivery, sales & marketing, on the executive floor and sat on numerous boards including investment board for AT&T. I now help companies devise strategies to expand their businesses, streamline their processes, maximise efficiency and grow sustainable profits

I apologize for using the letters after my name, but it is the only way for people to find me on the internet and not Mark David Chapman, the man that shot John Lennon.

  • Business & Management Consultant
    • I am passionate about helping my clients grow their business. I love to help the client learn the new techniques required to grow and maintain growth.
    • Every client I have worked with have seen a significant growth in their businesses. I have worked with a number to devise exit strategies and to sell their business at a premium. During 2014/2015, 3 clients sold their companies for very high profits. One client made an additional $1m
  • Coach & Mentor
    • By coaching or mentoring my clients with everything I know (without holding back anything), this allows me to learn more whilst ensuring their businesses grow.
    • This approach has ensured my clients have total trust in how I work with them
  • Speaker & Presenter
  • Member of MENSA
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